Louder, Lili



The Children's Literature Association of Utah has named Louder, Lili as a nominee for the 2010 Beehive Awards!
Louder, Lili has been named a 2009 Washington Children's Choice Nominee.

A Korean-language edition is on the way.

“Choldenko tells a familiar school story with humor and simplicity, using language that flows naturally and features many snappy turns of phrase. Schindler's bright, cartoon-style illustrations are just right...A good read-aloud or read-alone that is sure to delight."

"This engaging story is well written and even poetic. Lili is a well-developed character, and her growth is believable. The warm, energetic illustrations highlight the elements of humor in the story...excellent title."

“Perceptive...restrained but deeply empathethetic writing...Readers will identify with Lili’s authentic triumphs as she vanquishes not only the bully, but her own anxieties as well.”

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