Putting the Monkeys to Bed
Putting the Monkeys to Bed

by Gennifer Choldenko
illustrated by Jack E. Davis
ages 3 to 5
Putnam, 2015, ISBN 978-0-399-24623-4


Sam is never ready to go to sleep at bedtime. There are always more questions to ask Mama, more books to read . . . not to mention the monkeys! Sam’s rambunctious trio of toy monkeys would much rather jump on the bed and make up songs about ping pong than go to sleep.

Eventually Sam wants to go to sleep. But how will he ever get the monkeys to settle down?

This story’s silly monkey mayhem also includes a calming bedtime routine that really works.


“Busy cartoon art full of overstimulating detail vibrates with energy, allowing readers to absorb what it might feel like to be the freckle-faced, fuzzy-haired protagonist, whose ‘brain is buzzing’ … A comical yet realistic look at bedtime for those who sometimes struggle with it.” —The Horn Book
“Choldenko’s story is funny … perfectly capturing Sam’s wandering mind. The illustrations are fun, with bold movement lines indicating a chaotic and hectic bedtime frenzy, and monkeys that just won’t quit.” —School Library Journal

"Choldenko’s buzzy narration itself quiets as Sam uses breathing techniques and reads to the monkeys on his way to falling asleep—self-calming techniques that many readers may find helpful themselves.” —Publishers Weekly


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